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     Devon House is your home away from home. We are neither a hotel, nor just a bed and breakfast. Strategically located in Hammersmith (zone 2), Kensal Rise (zone 2), and Colliers Wood (area 3), Devon House offers you a cozy and quiet accommodation, where you can spend a few days of vacation, work practices, or you can use us just for the time needed to find your long term shared room in London.

      If you want to spend a few days in the city, you can count on us to help you to prepare your trip, with all the advice and guidance you may need, completely free. There is no silly question, when we travel for the first time to such a big city, doubts are many, and although Google provides a great help, it´s always advantageous to have some Londoner´s advice at hand. You can stay with us from just one day on till the day you want to.

    If your stay is due to an English course or a short term job, Devon House will help you to avoid all the hassle of looking for a room, unpleasant surprises, to avoid giving in advance a lot of money without knowing where exactly you are going to live that time, or with whom. Our almost four years of service and great references will give you the peace of mind you need to make a wise decision. You do not have to commit to any specific booking time, just what you want to reserve, and you will not have to pay any deposit for your room, big or small. Renting a room in a shared house for only two or three months, can be very difficult, and risky without seeing it in advance, keep in mind that the best rooms are rented for longer stays. With us, you will not have that problem, you decide how long you want to be with use and your room will have all the needed items, with good quality.

    And if you have decided to come to London to live the experience, to know the city as a Londoner, to improve your English, or to start a new life stage, Devon House will serve you for the first few days, or few weeks, or few months, so that you can settle in the city, in a cosy, safe, familiar environment, where you´ll find your first friends, and the first contacts that will serve you later, to find a final room, or a job, for instance. In addition, you can count on us to guide you in those first steps, obtaining the NIN, bank account, job and room searching, or many other things that may be new fro you. They are many changes, many different things, in a language that maybe you can’t speak well enough, and that can overwhelm you all at once. At Devon House as well as staying with us, we will assist you in what you could need and we knew, and we´ll guide you in the most important things in every beginning. We will call the NIN to request your appointment if you need it, we will ask for a translator if you need it, and at your arrival, you will have your rental agreement, which will serve you as a proof of address, which will help you to obtain NIN, or to open a bank account.

    In our houses we have rooms for single use, or shared, double and triple rooms. All rooms have furniture, beds, bedside tables, chest of drawers, and wardrobes, some of them have a bathroom inside the room, with its own shower.

    In your reservation you will have included all these things:

    –  Bed linen and towels.

    –  Hairdryer.

    –  Bath Gel, shampoo and hair conditioner.

    –  Regular cleaning of the common areas.

    –  Fully equipped kitchen to cook whatever you want, with space to store your things in fridges and cupboards.

    –  Washer and dryer, also with detergent and softener included.

    –  Basic foods such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, decaffeinated, spices, salt, oil and vinegar.

    –  Connection to the internet wireless, so that you are in contact always, and you can look for job and room.

    –  Iron and ironing board.

    –  Of course all the house bills, light, gas, water, etc., are included in the price.


    – Free guide and support to start a new stage in London, NIN, job search and long term room if you need one.

    -We’ll call for you to arrange the appointment of the NIN if you need it, and we´ll ask for a translator if necessary.

    -Contract for your stay regardless of the duration of the reservation that will serve you as proof of address.

    Please, do not bear any questions, visit our FAQ section, and if you do not see there what you need to know, contact Jaime and he will answer any questions you may have asap.  or in our CONTACT page.